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Certification and Product Registration


(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

Development of a Standard for an organization / production control program for food quality management based on the principles of HACCP in your enterprise. Application for HACCP.

Regulatory and technical documentation

A collection of materials and documents that ensure the quality of products, as well as its compliance with all approved safety requirements, operating conditions, storage and transportation.

Registration of medical devices

Registration of medical devices is a state procedure which purpose is to allow the release on the Russian market of only high-quality and safe products.
Registration certificate of Federal Service on Surveillance in Health Care and Social Development of the Russian Federation is issued for an unspecified term. 

Product Registration

State registration of products is a procedure that has replaced the sanitary-epidemiological examination since July 1, 2010.


One of the forms of confirming the quality and conformity of goods and services with the requirements of national and interstate standards.