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Product Certification

Certification is one of the forms of confirming the quality and conformity of goods and services with the requirements of national and interstate standards.

Its implementation, carried out by independent certification bodies, involves the preparation of a declaration of conformity or a certificate of a specific type.

In Russia, the certification procedure is carried out in stages. It begins with the submission of an application and a package of necessary documents to an accredited certification body.
Then, samples of certified products are taken for specific tests, the results of which are the basis for the decision to issue a declaration or certificate.

If the product is not a subject to mandatory certification or declaration of conformity in the State All-Union standard system or technical regulations of the Customs Union, then it will be enough to receive a letter of exemption or a voluntary certificate of conformity in the State All-Union standard system for its successful implementation.

► Certification of services and processes
► Product certification
► A letter of exemption

The presence of the certificate (declaration) you can see on the website of the Federal service for accreditation