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(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

Development of a Standard for an organization / production control program for food quality management based on the principles of HACCP in your enterprise. Application for HACCP.

Technical Regulation “On Food Safety”, which obliges all companies involved in the food production chain to implement the HACCP principles at their enterprise, came into force in all the territory of the Customs Union in 2013. 

► Definition of HACCP
► What is the main difference and similarity between State All-Union standard of ISO 22000-2007 and State All-Union standard 51705.1-2001 (HACCP)?
► Fines
► Which enterprises need to implement HACCP?
► The purpose of using the HACCP system
► The HACCP development process includes:
► The benefits of the HACCP system in the enterprise:
► Food Safety Certification
► Enterprise audit
► Briefing employees